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PlateFull’s network provides publishers an exceptional edge. Combining the clout of the General Mills brand and its owned and operated sites, with high-quality independent voices yields fresh and passionate coverage of all things food-related. PlateFull provides a natural opportunity to create a mutually supportive and beneficial relationship.

Top reasons why PlateFull works

  1. PlateFull stands for quality — pure and simple

    By aligning your content with ours, your site becomes affiliated with some of the most-credible sources for food content.

  2. Get noticed

    Within PlateFull’s sites are both popular brands and prestigious independents. Sharing the stage with these names, your site gets an implied vote of confidence.

  3. Merge onto the foodie highway

    PlateFull attracts the consumers you want – by the millions. And helps deliver your content to them as part of a highly-trafficked network that feeds their passion.

  4. More ways to monetize your site

    Aggregating the broad audiences of multiple sites, PlateFull attracts premium brands. Our publishers enjoy the benefits of both quality brand advertising campaigns and premium CPMs.

  5. Exclusive revenue streams

    Advertising revenue from General Mills brands and its partners are sometimes available for PlateFull publishers.

  6. Innovation

    PlateFull capitalizes on the strategies and tactics of the newest in digital marketing to bring broad and innovative programs to the mix – and to your bottom line.

  7. Reporting

    All publishers are provided with timely and in-depth campaign reporting and on-time automatic payments

We’re always looking for great sites. Come join the network!

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Through a variety of innovative marketing opportunities, Platefull offers multiple ways to satisfy our audience's food-centric apetite.

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    Seamless content integration

    Jump into the conversation, when and where it matters.

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    Inspiration tools

    Don't just broadcast your message, affiliate your brand with useful tools people would like to use.

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